Spice Yard Tenant

Cape of Storms Distillery

The local rum selection has always been very limited and with the craft gin and craft beer industries having taken off, we felt it was time to educate South Africans on what rum can truly taste like. The rum industry is about to be taken by storm!

At our distillery we believe in honesty and as such do not use mass-produced neutral spirits to make our craft rum. Nor do we use any artificial additives or sugars to alter the flavour of the final product.

Our rum is fermented using only 4 ingredients; molasses, water, yeast and yeast nutrients. This ferment is then distilled using our big 760L still, affectionately known as “Big Jack”. Our rum then undergoes a second distillation in “Little Elaine”, our 100L column still. Finally, the rum is bottled on-site at The Spice Yard, 100 Voortrekker Road, Salt River in the beautiful city of Cape Town.