The Best Production

TB production is a company specializing in photography, videography and design for companies, events such as wedding anniversaries, fashion shows, etc. We put our image expertise at your service to boost your communication strategy for companies, and make your unforgettable moments for events through qualitative and impactful visuals in accordance with your brand image!

Luks Brands SA

Luks is unconventional. We like to do things a little bit different. We value every client’s complete uniqueness and are open-minded to our surroundings. We are energetic and enthusiastic. We are passionate, motivated and value-adding. We are LUKS.

Fine Focal Photography

Fine Focal Photography is a brand dedicated to producing the highest quality content with its young energetic team of creators at a price that suits everyone’s unique budget. Led by Founding Director Keanu Van Rooi, this photography brand has a fresh outlook on capturing every special moment in style and with the highest touch of […]


Craft beer bar supporting local, small-scale breweries and community. Supplying a wide variety of craft beers.

The Happy Uncles

A humble group of chefs that know their way around ingredients and flavours(caters for functions/events as well).

TIP (Technical Industrial Products)

Established in 1999, TIP is an industrial tooling and machinery distributor, servicing the Sub-Saharan African region with over two-decades experience in the market.


As a proudly South African company, we offer quality yet affordable medical equipment and supplies, Information and communications technology equipment and services.

Nash Empire

Panashe Mudzika (a.k.a Nash Empire) is an Award Winner & one of the best photographers around Cape Town, South Africa.

My Hunays (Kaylakimkay)

My hunays was founded by Kaylakimkay and was used as a catchphrase to welcome her followers. This collection was derived through interaction with others. Kayla has always had an innate passion for fashion and for impacting others. She hopes that this stirs up the bold character within you.